reldra (reldra) wrote in buffalo_poets,


So the damage has been done.
Messages and voicemails
and pages have come in.
They have gone back and forth
over a wireless network.
But I am not an energy component,
I am not HTML.

I ruined it over Yahoo.
He ruined it over ICQ.
And the love of my life
now wonders in his room.
I can see his glasses
I can see his HTML
the only thing I can't see
is why we live in hell.

And I remember his voice,
the first thing I heard.
Before I saw his face,
in a cubicle,
in a far away place.
There were headsets and a mainframe
and data going in and out.
And his voice,
his voice only,
kept me
from falling into the ....

green text on a screen.
And the numbers and rules and
pressures that were soon to get me.
A future I never knew,
softened so much by how you
would get to me.

With my computer teacher I
fell in love.
Mainframe, Windows, Linux, Dos.
Hold me, you made me thus.

And then the sex.
Who is the teacher?
Who is the student?
Blind programming,
at 800mgz speed.

And then the processor failed.
The fan went and the board overheated.
50 gig doesn't have emotions.
have to roll with the upgrades.

My mind can absorb,
with it's 160 IQ
the changes in version,
the edits ie queue.
But what of the life
I planned for me and you?
It's now a simulation,
part of a synaptic world.
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July 21 2005, 16:28:44 UTC 12 years ago

Is this about Jeff Olsen??