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hello. i am new here. but i thought i would share this little piece i've written.
i hope you like it.

it's blinding. the bright rays of our collective ignorance shining through the tattered and dead idea of red, white and blue. amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited stains of a thousand bleeding hearts and numbed brains . a land stolen for our freedom. and stealing for that of others. from others. a daisy chain of theft and corruption. for one country. thousands dead. our government's ties and interests. shifting us in and out of the loop. we sit glued to blinking boxes of boredom and disinterest. unable to function enough to live, let alone think. or care. bent over and taking it hard for a country that we'll never run. money does that just fine. our smiling green ancestors, grinning at the fact that their greed has come this far. hand to hand. register to register. we consume. too much is not enough. bigger is better, and more is just necessary. more clothes, more cars, more lands, more country, more death. big closets cluttered with dusty skeletons. miles back. into classrooms of children pledging their allegiance like robotic drones to a story book country of thanksgivings and peace. they get them young. to keep them addicted. it's harder for them to understand that way. freedom for all. except ninety percent of you. someone once told me love was natural. and now it is illegal. god has become closed minded, they say. but really, he can't get through. the high pitch of america the beautiful shattering the thin layers of sound itself. preventing his true voice from ringing beyond the clicks of locks and barrels. doors and bullets. perfected and misspelled speeches. fate now regulated by the proper officials. to protect us. to save us from the evil realities beyond this new religion we call the U.S.A.
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